Mother’s Day 2020

DSC_4814…is certainly set to an interesting backdrop: Pandemic.

We made our way down to the river to take our annual Mother’s Day Photos and the kids did (mostly) great. There were only a few utterances of  “IF YOU THROW ONE MORE ROCK INSTEAD OF SMILING, I’M THROWING YOU INTO THE RIVER!!” Mostly everyone smiled and Andy handled the camera (while holding Teo so that he didn’t just jump into the river) like a pro.

Before you start wondering how we get decent photos will all these kids, please keep in mind this is a highly curated selection of approximately 7,000 photos taken over the course of about 15 minutes. We moved very fast, there were many, many outtakes and we were all covered in mud and river water by the time we got back to the van (and don’t forget the aforementioned threats).

DSC_4788DSC_4877I thought this would be a good time for a little kiddo update as well. This blog is long neglected, but we’re kind of back in a place where blogging might be a good way for loved ones to keep up with our family.

Monica is 9, almost 10.
Her favorite thing right now: reading, being outside reading, being inside reading and reading to her siblings.
My favorite thing about her right now: she is always seeking me, my eyes for approval, my waist for a hug, my ear for her latest interesting fact- she’s always been observant, but there’s been a shift recently so that her observations lead to actions.

Lucia is 7, almost 8. (Those ALMOSTS are important to them!)
Her favorite thing right now: tracing, baking, and helping.
My favorite thing about her right now: she has recently started changing Teo’s diapers without be asked (what?!), and she’s truly excellent at consoling anyone in the family. She will often bring me small chocolates, hug me for no reason or just hold my hand.

DSC_4884Dominic is 6.
His favorite thing right now: magnatiles, building things in general, and drawing.
My favorite thing about him right now: he narrates while he draws. By the end of this drawing it’s covered in scribbles and explosions, and unless you were listening, you’d have no idea there’s an entire story etched into the page. Also, he loves math which earns him all the heart eyes from me.

Genevieve is 3 1/2.
Her favorite thing right now: sneaking Mommy’s phone and taking pictures, doing schoolwork next to her siblings (aka watching their video lessons).
My favorite thing about her right now: she loves to brush my hair at night and she describes anything that happened in the past as “years ago”.
“Genevieve, when did you hide Monica’s bracelet under your pillow?” “Oh, I did that years ago!”

Mateo is almost 2.
His favorite thing right now: chickens. Hands down.
My favorite thing about him right now: he’ll tuck his head into my neck and his arms between our bodies if I ask him for a hug, and the way he yells “BACAWK!” when he sees/wants to visit/thinks about chickens. Also every day when I rock him to sleep for his nap he waits for me to ask “Do you want me to sing you a song” Yes! he nods with his binki in his mouth. “Do you want me to sing You are my Sunshine?” Yes! he nods again and snuggles into me and his blankie.

DSC_4806I’ve not experienced anything more humbling than motherhood. Every single day I mess up and have to ask for forgiveness, and every single day these children quench my shame with an unending well of grace and mercy. It is both terrifying and marvelous to be this person, to be their Mom.

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day 2020

  1. Paul Labrie says:


    Caitlin (this is your Mom) I love this post and your awesome pictures of your awesome family – husband included! Thanks for making this mother’s day even more meaningful and happy.


  2. Debby Hanlen says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Caitlin! You are doing a great job mothering your special kids. You keep it very real!

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