The Best of TOTE

HA HA ha ha!… ha? Well, at least I think these are funny:
Any parent of toddlers can relate to this Out to Lunch story, and what it’s like to Cook with a Toddler.
And anyone with cats will get a kick out of why I had to Bleach my Feet.
My awesome sister, Corey, has a comic featured Here,
This is a fairly normal Conversation with Andy, and I have several family photos that look like This.

I can’t be hilarious all the time! Here’s some serious stuff:
Postpartum Depression kicked my butt; good news is, I finally shaved my legs!
Parenting is tough, but This Quote always gives me perspective on being a home-maker.
We always name our babies before they’re born, however, I will probably not tell you what it is. Nope. Don’t even ask. Here’s why.
My girls are growing up very fast, and it’s completely unfair when I Experience Time Travel, and it happens even faster!

Church is where it’s at. Or rather, where we’re at. A lot.
I always appreciate a priest who doesn’t mind Babies In Mass.
I’m pretty dang good at feeling sorry for myself, but when I can remember this Pity Party Cure, I do a little better.
Vacation Bible School worked it’s magic on Mo this year (can I talk about magic and church in the same sentence?…I’m not sure).

Want to know more about us? This whole blog is a peek into our lives, but these posts are particularly revealing:
Lu’s Birth was pretty awesome, as was Mo’s. However After Mo was Born is the story I needed people to know.
I have been successfully Washing the Dishes every day since January 2013 (well, almost), and this is a big deal for me!
My husband is an Engineer. Nuff said.

6 Responses to The Best of TOTE

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  3. Brandie says:

    You have a black and white picture of your baby’s toes (on the way to be baptized) on the blog Toemail. It is a great photo. May I use it for a Walk for Life fundraiser for a local pro-life clinic? It is exactly what I was looking for to personalize my fundraising page.

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