You’d never guess her daddy is an engineer, huh?

Look at those cheeks! And the spit bubbles!

Once again, Lu, I’m sorry if, during your teenage years, you hate these photos. But please know that I take them and post them with Love. I’m just trying to freeze some of my favorite moments. And, believe it or not, they often involve chubby cheeks and spit. Oh, and I’m about to talk about your big sister being naked, so don’t worry. She’ll be embarrassed too…

On the Mo-front, she has decided it is the funniest thing in the whole wide world to strip naked after we’ve kissed her goodnight. It is pretty funny, until it results in an entire bedding-change at midnight…then it stops being funny. Well, for me at least.

Andy (as we quietly sneak out of Mo’s room, having just changed her, her sheets, her blankets, her everything, without waking her up), “You know what? I love her so much right now.”

Me (in a sleepy, and now confused, daze), “What?”

Andy, “This just makes me feel so much like her parent. Having to care for her like this.”

I was a little shocked, split between incredulity and love.

His affinity for late-night bed changes makes sense though. Who loves getting things done? Who loves seeing a problem and fixing it? Who loves fixing a problem without causing any other disturbances?

Those crazy engineers.

So I kissed him and then said, “Yeah, you love it now. You just wait till our 6th kid still wets the bed when he’s 10…”

As I drifted back to sleep, praying the littlest one beside me wouldn’t also wake up, I thought, Wait! Six kids?! Who’s the crazy one now? 

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