Quick Update

It’s been almost exactly a week since my water broke and the phone tree started ringing.

“She’s on her way to the hospital!”

I immediately felt the peace and love of dozens of praying people. With each text message and message passed on by Mom, I felt even more supported and uplifted.

10ish hours later, little Lu entered the world. And boy, she is a little individual. 

She has no trouble letting you know exactly what she needs, and that she needs it now (read: she’s got a good pair of lungs!).  And she eats, and eats, and eats. Apparently that’s what a baby needs when she’s born at almost 10 lbs!

Those are about all the words I have time for right now. It’s hard to believe she’s been on the outside for almost a week…

I know what you really want is to see pictures anyway. So, here they are:

The beautiful roses my sister Jessie bought for our homecoming (complete with hand-painted signs outside that said things like “Welcome Lucia Jean” and “At Last!”).

The garden exploded during the two sunny days we were at the hospital. Mmm mmm mmm, gotta love the sun. I think we may have been a little too ambitious with the tomatoes…

Speaking of sunshine, Mo decided to get into her pool (Thanks Abbie and Joel!) with her clothes on yesterday. 

It looked so good to me, I just had to stick my toes in too. Oh! And here’s that pretty pedicure I was talking about in this post. Sorry to say, the soothing aquamarine toes were not the relaxation method during labor I thought they would be. Dang it. 

And last, but not least, baby toes. Andy’s favorite. And he’s my favorite. So, this photo is full of favorites!

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2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Jessie says:

    Can you e-mail me a copy of that rose picture? Your posts are wonderful, as usual.

  2. Janelle says:

    Agreed, wonderful as usual.

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