So, my dad’s a glassblower. Pretty cool huh?

He is not, however, a website designer. That’s my job.

I run his Etsy site for Blow Hard Glass Studio and designed his website for Labrie Glass Co.

Check ’em out. Give me feedback. Buy something. Whatever you want to do!

Here’s an excerpt from our Esty “About” page:

This shop is the collaboration between master glass artist Paul Labrie and his tech-savvy daughter Caitlin. Paul has been creating art since before Caitlin was born, and Caitlin has been selling it at arts and craft shows since before she was born too! 

Once she left the womb, Paul had an unbeatable sales-daughter whom he could pay with room and board, and Caitlin got to do what oldest children do best: be the boss. With the advent of internet consumers, it was only logical that they continue this symbiotic relationship on Etsy. Not to mention, Paul doesn’t really like computers and Caitlin is practically wired to one. So, Paul makes the glass, and Caitlin sells it.

Many years have passed since the summers of arts and craft shows, but one thing hasn’t changed: the integrity and beauty with which Paul Labrie captures the natural world. His beginnings as a scientific glass blower are evident in his symmetrical lathe work. His passion for nature is apparent in his strikingly accurate depiction of animals, and the sense of humor his family knows and loves shines through his whimsical pieces. 

We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We’re just a couple of blowhards anyway!


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