Who are the Elders?

DSC_4571We are a young, Roman Catholic family doing our best to get outside as much as possible. We have this vision of someday living off the grid, producing a lot of our own electricity and food, and raising our children to be strong, self-sufficient, faithful women and men. It’s gonna be a lot of work…good thing we kind of like each other!


I’m Caitlin. In order of appearance I am a: daughter, Catholic, sister, geek, Brazilian at heart, sunshine-seeker, college graduate, wife, scientist, and mother (times three). You are most likely to find me at home, in a patch of sunshine, reading to our daughters while petting our cats and trying to avoid as much house work as possible.

Andy is the MAN of the house. Which usually means he goes to work to do engineering stuff, comes home to work at being a great father, and is always working to keep his moderately crazy wife sane. This involves doing the dishes way more than is fair (although I’m working on that).

DSC_9627Mo is our oldest daughter. While I may pretend at being queen, she actually runs the house. Not in an “I’m a spoiled 3-year old way.” More in an “I am wise beyond my years and will navigate these naive adults through the craziness of parenthood” kind of way. Andy will do just about anything to make her laugh, and it is well worth the effort.

DSC_2112Baby E #2 is on her way here! And her name is Lu. She is 2/3 adorable and 1/3 fire! Look out world. Here comes Lu! She is so loved, and we are so blessed. I’m thrilled for Mo to have a sister, since I can’t imagine life without my two sisters.

DSC_2018Baby E #3 is on HIS way, here! His name is Dom and he is a pro baby. He sleeps like a champ and only cries when he needs something. His sisters adore him.

With Andy’s DIY spirit, my travel-bug, Mo’s innate dance skills, Lu’s fire and ice, and Dom’s excellent sleeping ability I’m sure we’ll have plenty of tales to tell.

We’ve since had 2 more kids… I’ll have to update this page some day… ha!

Enjoy T.O.T.E.

3 Responses to Who are the Elders?

  1. So glad I finally had a chance to stop by your blog, Caitlin! I’ve so enjoyed following your instagram 🙂

    • Caitlin says:

      Aw! Yay! I’m glad you were “here”. I’ve been loving the NFP series and the chicken pictures. I’ll be sure to link back to you when we do our own chicken meet and great 🙂

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