Pirates Eat Their Yogurt

Sometimes, it’s hard to finish supper. Especially if nap was skipped (like yesterday) or late (like today). There are so many other things Mo loves to do besides eat, like sing and dance and color and watch Dora. It was time to get creative before we moved to Meltdown-dom.

Eye PatchI introduce to you: Pirate Dinner. Because, as everyone knows, the best way to eat yogurt is while covering one eye (actually that can cause some depth perception issues, and perhaps more yogurt ends up on the table/face/floor than actually in a mouth, but we don’t judge).

After a hearty round of “Arrr Matey!” the parrot was introduced, played by my hand perched gently on my shoulder.

“Squawk! Eat your yogurt! Squawk!”

ARRRRR!!Mo thought that was perhaps the funniest thing she had ever seen. We almost witnessed yogurt out her nose.

In her own parrot like manner, she repeated everything our fake feathered friend said.

“Squawk, squawk! Squuuaaawwwwwwk!!”

However, it came out a little warped.

“Squ” came out sounding more like “Ffff” and “awk” sounded a lot like “uck”.

Yeah. That word, over and over and over, interrupted only by fits of laughter and a hearty “Arrrr!”

Pirate HooksCurled up fingers became pirate hooks, spoons became swords, and our hands were filthy-mouthed parrots.

At some point the yogurt got knocked to the floor, but I’m not sure when. We were too busy laughing. And pirate-ing. And laughing some more.

How do you end a perfectly good Pirate-supper? Pirate dance party of course!

And when Mo wants a dance party, everybody dances.

Dance Party!Even that dirty parrot, “Squawk! Polly wanna dance!”

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