Half a Year

Serious BabyIn my life, time is always moving either to quickly or two slowly. I never, ever check the clock and think, Wow, that’s exactly the time it should be.

No, my thoughts are usually something like Oh my gosh! It’s NOON. How can it be noon already? or Ug. It’s only 3:30 AM? I’m pretty sure the sun is never going to rise…

There's your smile!So, I look at Luci-Lu and think, 184 days have passed. Six months? Wow. Already? and yet somehow also, Only half a year? Haven’t you been with me for always?

Who's the Cutest?


So quickly have you staked out your space in my heart, that in a mere six months my world is incomplete without you. You brighten each day with your wide smile and full-body wiggles. Mo adores you. Andy adores you. You bring joy to every person you meet. Happy first half-birthday my Pretty Girl (a couple days late…). I can’t imagine my life without you.


We love you Lu!

For those of you who like numbers, here are the stats from her well-check today: Height- 2’3″, Weight- 18lbs 4oz, Head Circumference- 18.27″

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