That Hair…

Binky Smile!Recently, comments about Lu have switched from “Wow, she’s a chunky monkey” to “Wow! Look at that hair!”

And I couldn’t agree more.

This girl has a lot of hair.

So much hair!Well…on top, at least.

She’s a fan of wiggling. ‘Round here, we often call her Wiggles. And most of her wiggling involves rotating her head from side to side. So, she’s worn off most of her original hair on the sides and back.

That wouldn’t be a problem if it was growing back in that dark, luscious, almost black color she came with.

Dark hairHowever, she is following in Mo’s footsteps (or, more accurately, gene-steps, hardy har har), and Lu’s hair is growing in blonde. This means from the back and sides, she looks bald. From the top or front, however, her hair looks dyed.

Curls on topNo, I did not have my daughter’s hair “tipped” as I had to tell one inquisitive stranger. It’s 100% natural.

Just different. And exactly the way we like it.

funny hat

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