Keeping Busy

At this point in the waiting game, that’s about all I can hope to do: Keep busy.

Andy and Jess are spoiling me rotten. I can barely get off the couch before one of them frantically says, “Don’t move! What do you need? Did you feel a contraction?!!”

Yes…that probably was a contraction. No, I don’t need any help. I just ______ (insert: am hungry, need to pee, am feeling antsy, etc.) But thanks.

No, for real: Thank you. Thanks for loving me so much and making my life so easy right now.

They’re wonderful.

So, how have I been keeping busy? I’ll show you-

Visitors: Isn’t Marie’s baby belly so stinking cute? Gestationally, I’m around 5 weeks ahead of her, and it’s so fun to chat with someone about impending motherhood…wait. That makes it sounds like something horrible. What I meant to say, is it’s nice to be anticipating the arrival of a beautiful little miracle with a friend!

Yeah…that sounds better.

Anyway, other activities!

The Zoo: Andy’s parents got us a membership to the Portland zoo this year. We were only there for a couple hours, but Mo sure had a good time. I look forward to driving out there as often as possible this summer!

Birthdays:Translation- lots of food and cake. Mmm mmm mmm.

Two side notes: Yes, those are beer candles on Andy’s ice cream cake. Sadly all they had was “light beer”. And, no. I did not make that super cute berry tart thing for Mo. Store bought, I confess.

More food: Jessie went to a half-Christmas party. So of course Mo had to help decorate the Christmas cookies. Her sprinkling skills could use some improvement, but she can chow down a sugar cookie better than most.

Yesterday Jess and I had an impromptu pampering day. Abbie invited us out for pedicures at the mall. My toes are a super cute aquamarine. I’m going to use them to help me visualize a calm relaxing beach during labor…Well, maybe… I’ll let you know if that works. Perhaps I’ve discovered a new and exciting labor relaxation technique!

…Probably not. But, hey! It’s worth a shot. But not worth showing you a picture of my swollen feet. If the cute nails last through labor and delivery and recovery and several weeks of postpartum weight-shedding then maybe I’ll show you a pic…maybe.

Anyway, while we were at the mall we (also in a very impromptu fashion) decided to eat mall food for supper and see Brave, the newest Pixar flick. Excellent film. It portrays mother-daughter relationships in a very real way, and I can’t tell you how weird it was to watch as both a daughter and a mother. Kinda blew my mind…

Besides those things, I mostly just spend my time watching stuff grow: my garden, my Mo-Bug, my belly…

Like I said on Facebook the other day, 39 weeks and counting. You can come out whenever you want Little One. There are plenty of people out here who are excited to meet you!

And so, we wait. And keep busy. But not too busy. There’s plenty of that to be had when Baby’s on the outside. I think I’ll go sit on the couch and rest my swollen ankles some more…

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