To the Due Date, and Beyond!

Today is #2’s due date! She, however, hasn’t gotten the message and seems quite content inside…

At the last three weekly appointments, my midwife has said something along the lines of “Wow! I sure didn’t expect to see you again!” and then at the end of the appointment says “Go ahead. Schedule for next week, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing you.”

Ha! Like I haven’t heard that before!

As a culture, we have an obsession with the “due date.” Most women feel like it’s a date to just barely make it to, and if a pregnancy lasts longer, there’s something unfair about the whole situation. I understand completely that a due date is a very rough estimate. +/- two weeks from this day is considered completely normal. That means she could stay inside for another two weeks.

At this point, that seems like an awfully long time…

In all reality, I’m feeling great. If she needs a couple more days (weeks…) to be ready, she can take her time. She only gets to be born once, so if she wants her birthday to be the 4th of July, so be it!

Instead of dwelling on any of that, here are some super cute pictures of the one that’s already outside!

Jessie set this shot up to show how much Mo looks like Boo from Monsters Inc. Just change the eye and hair color, and it’s pretty dang close:

Super cute gifts from my friend Rachael. We studied in Brazil together. She also sent matching outfits that have a “smart cookie,” the “I ❤ my sister” from the first shot, and other nerdy goodness. They are Mo’s new favorite outfits, and I have to admit, I’m ridiculously excited to put the sisters in matching clothes.

Swimming with Aunt Jessie at the Y! She loved it!

I have truly felt lifted up in prayer since I since I wrote this post. I have peace that Baby is safe and that everything will be ok. Thank you all.

Mom comes tonight, as does Tim! It’ll be a full house. Full of love, support and more love. I think it’s a good weekend for a New Baby. Don’t you?

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1 Response to To the Due Date, and Beyond!

  1. Margaret says:

    I praise God for the peace He’s giving you. 🙂 What a great attitude!
    I’ve also seen just this week how sharing a birthday with someone is really a special, unique bond. It will be interesting over the next many decades to hear her say “That’s MY birthday, too!” and grin.
    You’re an amazing woman – and God is an amazing God. You’re in my prayers. I’m delighted more of your family will soon be there. Sending hugs to you all.

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