Wordless (Waiting) Weekend…Kind Of

Ok, usually there aren’t any words in a “wordless” post, but just to be clear, #2 is still inside. Here’s what we did this weekend to try and persuade her that the outside is much more fun!

So, regardless of the bowling and visitors, #2 decided this wasn’t the weekend to appear.

On Mo’s due date, we went bowling in Logan (the picture on the right). Jess and I set up the same photo we took two years ago. I didn’t expect her to make the exact same face though!

Last time she chose an 8lb ball, and Mo was 8lbs 3oz. This time she chose a 9lb ball. Apparently, we’ll need to wait a little bit to find out just how clairvoyant she is.

(Side note, look at how little my belly was with Mo! Crazy!!)

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