Friday Favorites

I did a mini photo shoot of my friend’s son, Kolbe. As in Saint Maximilian Kolbe. He has a pretty powerful name, if you ask me.

>>While you’re on a Kolbe kick, check out St. Luke Productions live one-man drama about this amazing saint. Maybe they’re coming to a church near you.

>>Speaking of babies, these triplets may set a new birth weight record. Way to go Mama!

>>Dave Engledow’s photos with his daughter are both creative and hilarious.

>>Over here at Casa Elder, we’re still reeling from the news that there will be an Episode VII.  Leia is now a Disney Princess.  Really? That’s weird…However, we’re feeling a little bit better having read this article.

>>I’m a little in love with The Art of Chic picture frames. 10 custom frames for $125. That’s a steal!

>>And, just when you thought your vote didn’t count. I bet Mr. McDonald wishes his wife had voted…

>>Apparently, Venice is not over water, but under water right now. These photos are astounding. I wish I could swim around in an Italian piazza.

>>And lastly, if you need a smile today, please watch this adorable video of a tiger cub.

One more photo of my favorite little guy. He’s just so stinking cute!

Happy distraction day Friday everyone!

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