22 Months

She loves to say hello by lifting up her shirt to show you her “bee-bo”. She knows you have one too, so you better share!

She runs naked from the potty through the house several times, screaming with joy, before getting into bath. Naked babies are my favorite.

She has recently learned the word “mine!” which she uses frequently (thanks Mom…). Actually, it will be a very important word for her once #2 is here.

Speaking of speaking, she’s working on it. She has a few words: Mama (a very recent development, like in the last week. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she is finally saying “Mama” and uses the word to refer to me!! She has figured out that there is power in the ability to call on me), Daddy, Mo, mine, all-done, Pooh (as in Winnie the…) hat, and hot. Between her verbal words and her sign-language I pretty much always know what she needs. I’m starting to think I’m an enabler though, finishing her sentences,  interpreting grunts…I’m going to have to break out the tough love and make her say words. Sometimes, I can’t help but worry that she’s almost two and not really talking yet, then she’ll combine a whole bunch of words and signs to say something like “Mo goes in the car” and I know she’ll be fine. She’s a smarty pants.

Here are a couple of Andy’s recent favorites. Mo, if you’re reading this someday, you should know that he is an amazing father, and you adore him!

In his words:
I returned from an overnight work trip to find Mo totally enthralled by Elmo. She barely even looked at me. Later that evening (during her nightly-naked-run-around) I asked for a hug and she sprinted to me, threw her arms around my neck and said “Dadadadadadada,” giving me the biggest hug ever.

I love how she’ll pin toys/food/whatever between her chin, chest and hand when she needs to carry more than her little hands can manage.

She gets a bashful smile when I ask her name and then exclaims “Mo!”. Favorite!

When I get home, she very deliberately grabs my hand, walks me to her room and points to the floor where I should sit. Then she grabs a book and sits down on my lap to read.

She loves to open packages we get in the mail.

In the car she takes her shoes of, pulls off her socks, and then puts her shoes back on (side note from Cait: I gave Andy a lot of grief a couple weeks ago when I thought he put her shoes on the wrong feet…turns out Mo did that all by herself…oops, sorry Love!)

I love it when her hair is up; she looks so big.

Cait here again.  I am thankful we have this way to record our Mo-isms. Some day (probably sooner rather than later, honestly) we’ll read back through these blog posts and revisit all these little things we thought we’d never forget. They are worth remembering.

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2 Responses to Mo-isms

  1. Margaret says:

    So blessed by being able to enjoy the journey with Mo and you two – in New Mexico. I’ve never even met her, yet she owns a tender place in my heart and I look forward to seeing and hearing about her day. Blogs – amazing things. And you’re right – the things you thought you’d never forget…

  2. Jessie says:

    That last picture is the essence of cuteness. Bottle that up and sell it.
    On another note- it’s very nice to hear from Andy too!

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