23(ish) Month Mo-isms

Eating, playing, walking (pretty much anything) with her eyes closed. Not sure why…maybe she likes a challenge?

Falling asleep in the high chair. A recent addition to her nap schedule, brought on by traveling, moving, visitors and crazy, early wake up times (thank you to my wonderful husband for waking up with her when she decides 5:30 AM is the best time to greet the day).

Chasing the cat and screaming (the cat loves this, ha ha ha)

Accessorizing. Where did this come from? The love of necklaces, purses, shoes…I understand a love of shiny things. I’m the first to get distracted….oo! Squirrel! But I’m going to need some serious help from Jess and Cor and all her other “aunties” when it comes to accessories.

“No! Mine!” her two favorite words. Especially put together, and especially said loudly during all the quiet times in Mass.

Her “name” song before she goes to sleep. She’ll lay in her crib singing, sometimes whispering, mama daddy baba papa nana mo mama daddy…  I like to think she’s praying for all of us in her own 2-year-old way.

Looking WAY older than two. Oh, be still my heart! Andy, you better get that application to date my daughter from my dad.
…and buy a gun.
…and figure out how to clean it while carrying on a conversation with any young man who might possibly be interested in our little Mo…

Just kidding!

…not really…

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3 Responses to 23(ish) Month Mo-isms

  1. Dad says:

    Application an the way, FED ex. Dad

  2. Jessie says:

    Wowzers. I can’t wait to get to know her!

  3. james says:


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