Planting Potatoes!

Yesterday, I took advantage of the sunny afternoon to plant our seed potatoes from City Farm that have been waiting patiently in the garage for over a month.

Mo was a huge help, as you can imagine.

I got the idea for planting them in tomato cages, covered in reeds here. Hopefully, in the fall, I’ll pull off the reed covers and potatoes will tumble out…We’ll see.

Stranger things have happened in a tomato cage:

I’ll finish up with more cute pics of Mo-Bug. All bugs are “Bee!!” Thanks Whinnie the Pooh.

Regardless, Mo is a big fan of any bug. I bet she’ll be late to class on rainy days in order to rescue worms off the sidewalk from a horrible squished death. A girl after my own heart. I mean…um…that never happened to me… Especially not college! I’m not that weird…


Distracting you with cuteness:

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