Jessie’s Here!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program of cuteness!

Here’s Mo-Bug practicing her swaddle on her ‘Glow-Bug’.

Auntie Jessie arrived several days ago after a long journey from St. Louis. Three adults (Dad helped them move), two cats, one u-haul, one towed car and 2,000 miles later (most) of my family showed up on our doorstop to drop Jessie off here in Vancouver. She’ll be staying with us as she job searches in the Portland/Vancouver area…

–> Anyone know a school in need of a fantastically awesome middle school English/ Language Arts teacher? I know someone, and I swear you won’t be disappointed! <–

Anyway, she also happens to be here to help me prep for #2. She’s already helped more than I could imagine: doing dishes, laundry, lifting furniture (have you seen her muscles? They’re for real!), organizing, putting Mo down for her nap…pretty much anything I need.

Oh, and Mo LOVES her! Loves, loves, loves her!

This is great news for me. I have always trusted my sister implicitly with my daughter, and it makes me that much happier to know that my daughter wants to be with her aunt. Jess will probably be watching her quite a bit as we adjust to being a family of four soon.

Jessie also happens to be a fantastic artist.

Smiling girl, graphite pencil

One of my absolute favorites. Moses’ mother at the river, in acrylic paint. I seriously need to call dibs on this one.

Her true desire is to teach art some day, and her dedication to that passion was demonstrated in her last school. Of her own accord, and with her own money, she started an art club at Busch AAA Middle School. This school has no fine arts classes whatsoever. No music…no art…no nothing. They do have P.E., which is a step up from most St. Louis middle schools and comes as a welcome energy-user for the rest of the staff.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of observing her teach a couple years ago, and she is amazing. It always floors me when I get to watch someone live out their true vocation. She is a natural, and the kids adored her.

Excuse my redundancy, but I am so, so, so, so happy she’s here. We are looking forward to many more art projects at Casa Elder and lots of Sister/Auntie love.

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1 Response to Jessie’s Here!

  1. Jessie says:

    Holy smokes, but does this paint me in a nice light…get it? Paint me? Yuck, yuck, yuck…

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