The Stats

Mo-bug and Lu had pediatrician appointments this morning, and we have all the new stats on our beautiful daughters.

Listed in measurements and percentiles when appropriate:

Lu: Height- 22″, 100th%
Weight- 10lbs 4oz, 98th%
Head Circumference- 100th%

Mo: Height-3′, 91st%
Weight- 28lbs, 64th%
Head Circumference- 99th%

I feel like my kids are winning some sort of race, and I know that’s utterly ridiculous, but I still feel that way… Does that make me a horrible person?

Just in case you haven’t seen the theme here, our kiddos are huge. Particularly their heads. No big surprise there. Andy and I both have to buy large hats…

At this point, ouch is all I can think, but I’m sure that memory will fade with time. It did with Mo.

Lu is growing great! She’s already surpassed her birth weight and added a 1/2 inch to her length (I’m not quite sure when that changes into height… Maybe when she spends more time vertical than horizontal?). We haven’t quite figured out her sleeping routine yet, and she spends most of her awake time eating. Thus the weight gain! However, we do see a little more of her personality emerge every day. She has a quick temper that’s balanced by her propensity to snuggle. Her Daddy can calm her down better than anyone. And her eyes are slowly starting to lighten.

We can’t wait to discover more of her.

The way Mo’s growing, she certainly won’t be able to do this much longer:

Yes, she still likes to hide in small spaces and yell “Mamma!” till I find her.

All of a sudden all her pants look like she’s waiting for the flood and the shoes she wore a month ago don’t fit anymore. I swear this all happened overnight.

She’s growing up so fast…

Photo Credit: My Mommy

Before we know it, I’ll have to add a third straw for our Lucy-Lu.

That’s it from Casa Elder. Hope you’re having a beautiful day! Mmm milkshake. Doesn’t that sound good? I think I’ll go get one. We have to keep this breastfeeding Mama well-fed right? Right?

Hey! Don’t judge! I’m going to milk that excuse for as long as I can…

Pun intended.

Ha, ha, ha ha!


I think I need more sleep…

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2 Responses to The Stats

  1. Debby Hanlen says:

    Loved the pictures and post blog here, Caitlin! You have smart, tall, beautiful girls! Keep those milkshakes coming.

  2. Margaret says:

    I so enjoy following your girls as they grow up! Keep ’em coming and sending hugs to all.

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