Friday Favorites

I spend way too much time online.

There are some definite problems that come with this admission. For example: ignoring my children for long periods of time while I browse facebook.

However (before you judge!), there are also some pros to being an internet glutton. I see and read a ridiculous number of delightful, funny, witty, outrageous posts every day. Why not share some of them? I asked myself.

So, I’ll save you countless hours browsing the internets for the perfect cat video, debate meme, or cookie recipe. I’ll just line ’em up right here.


I know I did.

>>Ever wanted to read the entire Catechism in just one short year? Sounds like a good way to celebrate our Year of Faith.  (@CatechismAPI)

>>It’s like they knew I’ve passed my giant noggin on to the girls. I plan on ordering all my hats from here. You’ll see why. (Sun Day Afternoons)

>>Oh. My. Gosh. I wear Mom jeans. This is a slightly depressing revelation to me. However, I will continue to wear my low-rise boot-cut jeans with pride and blame my refusal to buy skinny jeans on my thrifty nature and apathy towards fashion (not the truth, which is I am shaped like a pear, and I have a perfect vision of what a pear looks like in skinny jeans…and, friends, it ain’t pretty). (Rage Against the Minivan)

>>Ha ha ha! I imagine if I picked this up at a garage sale, and then the police came knocking, I’d be pretty surprised as well. Saving Grace, anyone? (CNN)

>>Since we got our new kitten, I have no need for this. But perhaps you do? Pouncing kittens are the cutest. (Tara Sinn)

>>Pretty sure any dad of a girl over the age of 3 could sing along. Andy should start practicing now. (Life of Dad)

>> Made these Old-Fashion Frosted Oatmeal cookies last night. They are fantastic! (Wallflour Girl)

>> This is the only version of the presidential debates I’ve watched. (Bad Lip Reading)

I’ll also be posting my favorite photo from the week:Happy Friday everyone!

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1 Response to Friday Favorites

  1. Jessie says:

    OK, the two videos you posted were hilarious.

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