The cuteness that follows may kill you. Consider yourself warned…

Mo has a new best friend: Sloane. They’re first cousins once removed (Sloane is actually my cousin), but what’s a generational gap to a two and three year old? Pretty much nothing.

They had met once before, at Mo’s first Thanksgiving. Turns out, the differences between a four month old and 16 month old are vast compared to those between a two and three year old. This time, they were quickly the very best of friends. Practically twins.

We had been practicing, you see. We have a picture of Sloane up on our fridge, and, for the last month, every time Mo saw it she would emphatically proclaim, “My Sloane!”

Well, as soon as they saw each other Thanksgiving day, they hugged, held hands, and never let go. Well, maybe to change into their princess costumes. Or to play in their princess castle…

We heard many variations of “My Sloane!” over Thanksgiving weekend. From a delighted “My Sloane!” every time Mo saw her again, to a worried “my…Sloane?” when Slo had an owie, to the inevitable “MMMMMYYYY SLLLLOOOOOOAAANNNE!!” when we finally had to separate them around midnight every night. They’ve got to sleep some time, right?

Some day there will be sleepovers. I’m sure of it.

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2 Responses to Slo-Mo

  1. Jessie says:

    FLUFFY!! That’s what my mind is capable of thinking right now.

  2. Margaret says:

    Slayed by the cuteness – and the gracious gift you were all given. Brimming with warm fluffy 🙂 Thanks Jessie.

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