Advent Fast

There are very few photos of me on this blog. Usually I’m behind the camera. Right where I like it!IMG_5921

However, in this last Thanksgiving post, I’m in an absurd percentage (like 50%) of those photos. That’s the beauty of being around other photo-philes, like my mom.

What made me sad, though, is that there were no photos of me doing this:Thanksgiving-28 Thanksgiving-26 Thanksgiving-12 Thanksgiving-13 Thanksgiving-11

And that’s what I should be doing more of. Especially now, at this age. Especially now, during Advent.

So, I’m linking up with Haley and cutting out social media for Advent. Specifically, Facebook.


That website is my worst time-suck. And, it may sound silly, but I’m pretty sure leaving it for a while will make me a better mom, a better person, and definitely better prepare my heart for Christmas. I can focus more on what I have and what I have to share.

I’ll still be here. Sending tales of our family life and cute photos into the internet. I’ll just also be reading a book (or 50) with my kiddos.

Happy Advent!

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2 Responses to Advent Fast

  1. veronica says:

    Same here about FB, it is such a waste for me really. And I love how it looks like your daughter got into a Berenstain Bear pile of son is going through this phase. I think I have read “no girls allowed” a hundred times =)

    • Caitlin says:

      That particular stash is at Nana Elder’s house, and she was reading them non-stop over Thanksgiving! Not gonna lie, I’m kind of glad they stay there, her obsession is all-consuming 🙂

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