So Much Love

meeting-23Can I just say, I have been overwhelmed with love since Dom was born.

Seriously, family and friends, you guys are fantastic.

We’ve seen non-stop generosity since people found out we were expecting… So many baby boy clothes dropped off. Help installing the dishwasher and a wonderful baby shower. Mom came before he was born and stayed with the girls while we were in the hospital, and then it’s been non-stop visitors and pre-made suppers since our little April Fools Day baby.meeting-2 meeting-6 meeting-7 meeting-8 meeting-10 meeting-11

By the way, Andy and I (both number people) think 4-1-14 is a pretty cool birthday. April Fools? Whatever. Also it’s this lovely lady’s birthday too (our dear friend and pretty much Mo’s favorite Vancouver-friend, Karissa):meeting-4

Family has showered us with help washing dishes, doing laundry, picking up after my crazy daughters… and giving us time to shower. Also, loving on those two older children, who need just a little more cuddle time right now. meeting-16 meeting-17 meeting-24

We have suppers delivered to our door till this friday! That’s 18 days of pre-made meals, leftover lunches, frozen extras and a little one on one time with all my closest Vancouver friends (most of which I didn’t take pictures with…dang it! But you know you’re loved, right?).

You guys are making me feel like three might just be possible. And I’m not so worried about postpartum depression now. During this crazy transitionary time, I feel this net, this nest, of love and support just surrounding our fragile little family.

I know we still have weeks and months of adjustments ahead. But I’m feeling ok, maybe even a little confident, going into them.

All thanks to you.

Our lives are truly blessed by the love. meeting

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2 Responses to So Much Love

  1. Brittany says:

    Hi! I came across your sweet post as I randomly searched “4-1-14 birthday” on the web – guess what, it is my little boy’s birthday too! And a very extra special birthday, at that! I am a numbers person, too 🙂 My husband enjoys pulling my chain when I find significance in numbers in day-to-day life 🙂 But truly, our sons having a palindrome birthday is super cool – maybe our boys will be mathematicians someday or something 😉 My little one’s name is James and he is such a sweet and happy little guy. 7 months old now, I cannot believe it! I was just curious if anyone else out there shared his birthday (of course, I know… but just curious to find/see anyone who shares his special day!) and I am so happy I came across your blog post. Thank you for sharing! Feel free to email me back, I’d enjoy hearing from you, take care 🙂

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