Edel: A Baby’s Eye-View

Dom and I just returned from The Edel Gathering, and there’s so much that I want to put into writing. To articulate. To keep forever. But I find myself savoring it. Holding it close, like a prized possession. Afraid that once I write it all down, I will fail to do my feelings and experiences justice.

I’m still processing all the truths and encouragements about my vocation, and will verbalize them when I have more than nap time. More than just-before-bed time.  Here’s my recap.

So, instead, here’s Edel as experienced by Dom.

Spoiler alert! There’s a lot of sleeping and eating, and barely any crying. Because he is seriously the most excellent travel baby. Ever.

Ok, well. We’re in the airport. Mom seems like she’s moving a little slow though… Kind of weighted down.IMG_2657

Flying! Yay! Thanks Southwest for letting us bring my carseat on board.IMG_2661

I should probably look at the pretty scenery. IMG_2660

Or sleep. Sleep is good. ZzzzzzIMG_2664

Again with the backpack? Really? Does every mom look like this when they go to a cocktail party?… Coolest lady I know.IMG_2666

The clock says it’s midnight, but it’s only 10PM in my head. I think I’ll stay awake and be adorable. Neener, neener….IMG_2674


More zzzzz….IMG_2678

Good morning Texas State Capital! I think I’ll enjoy….zzzzz.IMG_2684

Oooh Mom is meeting Haley. Her favorite imaginary BFF. Hi Haley! I really like your post about…zzzzz.IMG_2688

Oh! I’m awake. And who are you? Mom’s own baby-holder. I’m a little skeptical. What are your credentials? Never mind. I love you.IMG_2691

Yay! It’s Heather! Hold me!IMG_2694

And we see Nell again! She’s our friend from the airport shuttle…zzzzz.IMG_2696

Hallie! You made this conference possible. I love you so much! So much I think I’ll… zzzzzzz.IMG_2698

And you too Christy! Mom loves your bl….zzzzz.IMG_2701

Cate! Tricia! Mom is so happy she met you ladies for real. And so grateful to Mary for introducing. They all wished you were here…zzzzz.IMG_2702


I really liked our new friend Suzanna, and Rose is just my type: Baby.DSC_2909

Wanna swim on the roof Mom? Ok, gimme a sec and I’ll just pass out here on this nest of towels. Zzzzzz…IMG_2706

Dancing! We’re dancing! So are all the other Moms, and some are wearing babies too! Do I hear karaoke? I don’t really know what the heck is going on…IMG_2712

But I think I’ll pass out before you take your next fangirl picture with Bonnie….zzzz…IMG_2714

New friends from Ohio! Sisters actually. Hey, will you ever bring my sisters to something like this? How about your sisters?IMG_2718

Mom, I saw that. Jen really is tall. Tall enough that you grabbed her butt, not her waist in this picture…IMG_2715

Good morning Mom! I slept through Mass, and now it’s time to pack. How about I just lay here, k?DSC_2934

Clouds that may cause some turbulence, eh Captain? IMG_2736

Don’t worry. I’ve got this: Zzzzzzz….IMG_2739

Seriously, you guys. Apart from some stiff shoulders and hips from wearing him for 48 hours, I have absolutely no complaints about traveling with this little guy. I even told him he could cry the whole way home and he would have earned it…

Last week I was starting to dread the logistics of attending a conference with a 4 month old. Even thinking about selling my ticket. Thank you Andy for encouraging me to go. And between Dom’s ridiculously chill nature and the incredible pro-baby feeling at Edel, I’d absolutely do it again. In a heartbeat.

More substance and less name-dropping (blog-dropping?) to come in the next post. Promise. However, probably more pictures involving that son of mine. I’m still waiting on the pics from our karaoke stint… He rocked it.


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10 Responses to Edel: A Baby’s Eye-View

  1. What a darling little man! Love him!

  2. erinsea says:

    Adorable! He was way more chill than Mary! I think this might be the first I’ve seen of his darling face! 🙂

  3. Bonnie says:

    He was perfect and it was so lovely meeting you!

  4. It was so great to meet you, mamasita! Bummed I missed out on the swimming party–it was nap time for this lady. See you soon, on the internet!

  5. Kathy H says:

    He was soooo chill! And so chubby and adorable 🙂 It was great meeting you!!

  6. Natalie H says:

    I loved all the babies that were there, and your little guy was particularly sweet! I wonder how many of us considered selling our tickets at the last minute… It seems to be a common thread in the post Edel reflections.

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