Stay in your homes! School is cancelled!

4-6″ of snow expected in Portland metro!

Don’t even try to drive to work!

Run! Hide! Stock up on food and water!


At least that’s what it felt like the media was saying the last couple days. Are you ready for pictures of SNOWPOCALYPSE?

Here you go:snow-5 snow

Underwhelming to say the least.snow-2

Not quite like the last snow day we had.

I’m not trying to give the local meteorologists a hard time. I can’t imagine trying to tell the future, even with the best predictive technologies on hand, that’s still a hard job. snow-9 snow-4

But seriously, Mother Nature? We were expecting a little more than this.

Oh wait. That’s right. You showed your cards the two days before, with gale force winds. The tree across the street fell down, and our power went out for several hours. Then our fence fell down…

snow-6 snow-7You win! You don’t nee to “bring it” anymore. We don’t need another weekend project.

snow-8 snow-10Regardless, after a morning of tromping around in the “snow” (frozen over ice-pellets), you still need a warm mug of hot chocolate, right? As far as the girls are concerned, in our temperate climate, even one day of frozen precipitation heralds a change in season. snow-11

“Hot cocoa is better in the winter,” Mo said as she gazed out the window at the frozen ground.

snow-12Agreed, Mo Bug. Agreed.

Mama’s may have had some powdered instant coffee mixed in.

Yes, you read that right. Caitlin has started to worship at the altar of Morning Coffee.

It took 3 kids, and 4ish years of interrupted sleep to get me there, but Dom’s been waking up 3ish times a night for the last month or so, and I’m just about ready to fall asleep writing this.

I’m not complaining.

Ok, I am complaining, just a little bit. But you feel me, right?

The real issue here is: I can’t blame anyone, or do much to fix it. Sure I can blame Dom, but what good would that do me? It’s not like he wants to be awake every 2 hours at night. He’s teething, and caught a cold, and is too big for the bassinet. I’d be grumpy too if I had teeth pushing through my gums, couldn’t breathe at night, and hit a wall every time I rolled over.

So, attitude adjustments were made, he’ll be moving to new bed soon, and everyone’s favorite drug introduced into my morning routine.

Turns out, I’m a much happier Mommy with a little coffee.

So, thank you Jesus for caffeine. And Thank you for Snow Days too. Amen.snow-3

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3 Responses to #SNOWVEMBER 2014!!!

  1. The media acts like this in Houston when it threatens to possibly snow. Maybe. I mean we shut down schools, roads, daycares…it’s intense.

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