All The Creepy

A good example of why I am both dreading Andy’s increased travel this summer and ridiculously grateful that my sister Corey lives with us:

IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1679

A couple side notes:

Readers- Sorry for the cursing. This happened before coffee. Also, contrary to how it may seem (here and here), I promise we do not live in a den of vermin and infestation.IMG_1634

Ok…maybe we do. Any suggestions? Besides KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Corey- I love you. Thank you for helping me. Before you had coffee.

Mo- You haven’t wet the bed in years. I should have known something was wrong when you had all those wake ups and just taken you to the bathroom. For this, and all the other times I (wrongly) choose/chose quickly getting back to sleep over figuring out what’s really the problem, I’m sorry. And, I love you. PS are emoji still a thing? Or will this just be one of those embarrassing memories from the 20-teens?

Dom and Lu- Thanks for sleeping through the night. I love you too. PS are autocorrect errors still a thing? Or do computers just read your mind now?

Andy- I promise we’re ok, but please come home soon? I think Corey’s a little tired of catching all the creepy crawlies. Also, I’m hoping Mo will sneak to your side of the bed next time. Love you!

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