The Great Outdoors!

Hiking-14HikingThe days are hot hot hot right now (almost 100 degrees in Portland? What?), but the mornings are still fairly cool. So, we’ve been getting outside and actually hiking with the kiddos quite a bit recently.

Hiking-6 Hiking-4Hiking + Kiddos = ?

Is that really a thing? Is it even possible?


Hiking-12And No.

We’re not climbing too many mountains, or heading out on overnighters. But, the kids have started to carry their own snacks and water.

Except Dom.

Hiking-5He gets carried.

They have loved exploring, and I find our hikes go better if I say “yes” to detours more often than “no”.

Hiking-11 Hiking-2Can we go down by the water? Can we watch the fishing man? Can I see this leaf? Mommy, will you pick up this bug? Mommy, does Dom need a stick?

Hiking-9We’ve had some conversations about the fact that part of hiking is accomplishing something. Finishing it.

But the stops and pokes and prods and sits are (usually) worth the delay.

Hiking-7So far we’ve been good with a little over a mile, although Lulu hits a wall right around that mark. Whether we’re back at the car or not. Everything is “too toasty!!” or itches or is too heavy or… melt downs all around. So, we carry her pack. Sometimes even carry her too.

Hiking-15At the end of a hike, we’re not going to take our best family photo, and that’s ok. We don’t push her.

Because I want her to enjoy this. I want her to love being outside and exploring.

Hiking-10One of my greatest joys so far is how quickly Mo has taken to keeping a nature journal. She collects leaves and other small things along the way, puts them in her pack, and then draws them when we reach the end.

Which for now, is often a playground. I highly suggest finding a trail that starts or ends at a playground. Any adult along the way is tired just from hiking, but somehow these small humans still have energy enough to swing and slide and run and jump.

Hiking-16Hiking-3When children are happy, that joy is infectious. I watch the faces of hikers at they see my mini-hikers with their camelbaks (we definitely look like an REI ad), and they can’t help but smile. Their stride lengthens and they move past our little posse slightly invigorated. Truly. It’s wonderful to see.

The weather should be in the 90s for a while longer, so I’m sure we’ll continue to be out and about (early!), enjoying the best summer has to offer. Stopping, smelling, touching and collecting along the way.Hiking-8(Hikes: Lacamas Lake trail and Round Lake Trail both GREAT hikes for Littles)

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1 Response to The Great Outdoors!

  1. Margaret says:

    I LOVED this post! I’m invigorated and ready to go for a morning hike, too. The trails in the PNW are amazing. So different from the SW.
    We live in one big country with lots of different geographies! Stay cool and have fun. Hugs to all!

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