Summer is for Haircuts and Busy-times

haircut haircut-2Dom got his first haircut! I was a little nervous about this because I’ve always cut the girls hair. But bangs and a little trim is so much easier than the whole head! I’d love to learn how to do boy hair, anyone have suggestions on a good tutorial or youtube channel?

haircut-3 haircut-5We went to Lil’ Snippers off of 164th Ave, and, guys, it was amazing. I called at 5, they fit us in at 5:30 (even though they close at 6). From beginning to end the women were excited and motivated and loving. Imagine cutting kids’ hair for 8 hours and still showing love and patience with the last appointment!

haircut-4 haircut-6They were professional and courteous. Asked me some very directed questions to make sure they could give Dom the haircut I wanted, and had great suggestions (since I had no idea what I was talking about).

haircut-7 haircut-8 haircut-9Then, they braided the girls’ hair and added glitter.

haircut-10Seriously. So kind. So lovely, and loving. If you live in Vancouver and need a place to go, please head over there (and they’re not even paying me to say this!).

This summer has been very busy, but I feel like I say that a lot. About all the seasons. Maybe the truth is: we’re busy.

We’re busy with so much love. We have so much family, so many friends, so many birthdays and parties and visitors and trips and…well, so much life. If being too busy, too full because of love is my only complaint…then life must be pretty dang good.

I’m trying to balance that busyness, though, with this impending deadline I call “Mo’s first day of Kindergarten,” also titled: “The day my heart will be ripped out.”

Exaggeration? Perhaps.

That waits to be seen.

So, how do you do it? How do you slow it down? Or, at the very least, set aside intentional time to really be with your kids?

My heart is so open to suggestion right now, I can’t even explain.

haircut-11 haircut-12Lulu: I no wanna be a gwown up, because I wanna still fit in my hello kitty swim suit!

MoBug: Baby Lu, do you want to be a real princess? Ok, then you need a sword. Yep. That’s what a real princess needs.

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2 Responses to Summer is for Haircuts and Busy-times

  1. Margaret says:

    Dom looks like a little Boy. So grown up and adorable!
    I think you would LOVE this site:
    She’s hilarious, a Christian (sometimes irreverent, but real, and she has 5 kids. Read the “To Make You Laugh” on the left sidebar.
    Have fun with all the roomies this weekend! I hope to see pictures! Hugs.

  2. Frances Hohman says:

    Thank you SO much for the darling pictures of the Kiddies. They all are so adorable.We love the pictures you send us. Much love to you all, Great Gm. Frances and Greart Gp. Bob

    Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 21:32:07 +0000 To:

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