Guardian of my Heart Pieces

2015-09-01_144215897_5BD36_iOSA funny thing happened today on the way to Kindergarten.

2015-09-01_144230540_0DA62_iOSMo became a Big Girl.

Yeah…weird. I know.

And not in like a, Wow! I can’t believe we’re driving to kindergarten. She’s five! She’s so big. Because she is, truly, still so little.

2015-09-01_165319796_58AB0_iOSIt’s just that there were two moments so poignant and grace-filled, I was completely caught off guard…

As we were driving, just she and I, to the very special, very first, half-day of school where parents stay with the kids (which I suspect is more for the grownups than the kiddos), Mo and I were playing eye-spy. She suddenly got a goofy look on her face.

“What’s up Mo?” I asked in the rearview mirror.

“Sometimes it’s so weird to think. I mean, sometimes I think about thinking! Also, it’s so weird that I am alive and I am a person. I mean, I see other people, but I am also a person! That makes my brain feel funny…”

Whoa… Daughter, that is deep. That’s like Philosophy 101 type stuff. How can my baby girl be thinking about thinking?

Because she’s not a baby any more.

Then, as we left school today, I said, “Love, let’s go take a picture in front of Mary’s grotto. Maybe we can bring flowers tomorrow for your first day at school alone.”

2015-09-01_164907334_3FF55_iOSShe reached out and touched Mary, said a prayer and then I asked for a picture.

“Smile with Mama Mary, my Love. Let’s get a picture of the two of you, because she is going to Love you and Take Care of you while you’re at school. When I can’t be there.”

I choked up a bit. Trying to put on a brave face.

“You too Mama! You take a picture too, because she is going to take care of you when I’m gone too!”

2015-09-01_165017126_63977_iOSThen I lost it.

Because I knew. I knew it was True, and that Truth was spoken from the mouth of my Baby.

No, my Big Girl.

2015-09-01_165102389_7F2AE_iOSMary knows. She knows how hard it is to say goodbye. Even the goodbyes that seem so little to the outside world. She knows how big they are, here in my heart-world.

And she will take care of my heart, guarding the big part here in my chest, and the little part, marching confidently through that classroom door.

2015-09-01_165059358_98AFC_iOSShe’ll take care of both of us.

2015-09-01_152128329_026F5_iOSThe other thing that made me cry today (I am a mess!): Andy surprised us at school!

2015-09-01_170005872_A7F4D_iOSThen he left flowers in the car.

2015-09-01_154708257_3E313_iOSAnother guardian of our hearts.

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6 Responses to Guardian of my Heart Pieces

  1. This is probably the sweetest thing I have ever read!

  2. Debby H. says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us. And for the reminder that Mary, too, knows our hearts.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Cue the ugly cry!!!!!

  4. Joanne Kibbe says:

    Oh gracious… Kindergarten. We are in our first full week and Elizabeth is loving it so so so much but I had some ROUGH days before. Her godmother sent her a little note and I still cannot read it without crying!

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