Elder, Party of Six

After 40 weeks plus 1 day of gestation,

5 hours of labor,

30 mins of pushing…

She’s here!g-in-hospital

Introducing Genevieve Marie g-in-hospital-3

She came in at 9lbs 6oz and 22 1/4″ long. That makes her our longest and second heaviest baby.g-in-hospital-4g-in-hospital-2

There were many things different about her pregnancy and labor, but that’s a different post. Also, I think I’ve figured out the secret to bringing on labor. It involves milkshakes. Once again, a post for another time…

This one is for all the cute pictures!!g-in-hospital-5g-in-hospital-7g-in-hospital-6g-in-hospital-8

We decided on her name while driving to the hospital this time. Andy’s the planner, I’m the procrastinator, I must be rubbing off on him a bit…

Her nickname is still undecided. So far she’s been called Baby G, Viv, and Baby Sissy. Gen is a good option and sticks with our Mo, Lu and Dom theme… Sissy might be sticking around though. That’s what the kiddos called her during their wait and is what they continue to call her now.

Whatever we call her, she is so welcome and so loved. And we are now officially:

Elder, Party of Sixg-in-hospital-9

PS This grainy, backlit photo was one in about a thousand attempts at a family photo. This family of six thing is going to be interesting… and will certainly test our photography skills.

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4 Responses to Elder, Party of Six

  1. Debby says:

    My Aunt Genevieve was called Veve and Vee. I love your new daughter’s name! She is beautiful!!

  2. Lindsey Zeigler says:

    Awe! She is so perfect ! Congratulations to all the Elders on your new baby ! Heidi Genevieve was so impressed with the name you chose 😉 & I love it too ! Loves to all of you! Lindsey Zeigler

  3. Katheryn says:

    LOVE these pictures!! She is just scrumptious. You know I am just dying to hear her birth story. Does this mean the milkshake thing worked yet again?! Love all her nicknames so far. G, Viv, Eve, and Sis would all still be one syllable too. 🙂

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