Mama’s Day 2019

DSC_8836There may not have been may posts since my last Mother’s Day photo shoot, but a whole year really has gone by… crazy how that happens.

Continuing with tradition, Andy snagged my “good camera” and snapped shots of me with each of my kids

and all my kids together.DSC_8887DSC_8891

This year he surprised me up on the trail with this t-shirt from the comic Nathan Pyle, which was more fitting than I’m sure he imagined.

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning (let’s be real- the KIDS woke us up bright and early) and I said, “Let’s go hiking for my kiddo pictures!”

DSC_8900I can just imagine Andy giving himself a mental high-five as he snuck his well timed purchase into the bottom of our stroller.

I do love a good hike. And if it’s a little bit perilous, even better.

But just a little bit.

DSC_8908The “big girls” (I have BIG GIRLS now!) hiked the rest of the way up Badger Mountain with me. Andy greeted us back at the bottom an hour later with the three “Littles” and a box of Popsicles. The kids bombarded every hiker after that with offers of extra popsicles, and it was magic to watch their faces light up when someone accepted.

DSC_8912DSC_8913What a great morning.

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