Summer Science Experiment #1

Today while weeding, Mo and I found this:

Hornworm Pupae.

Honestly, not my best friend. The resulting moths are awfully pretty, but the caterpillar stage loves to eat potatoes, tomatoes, peppers…pretty much everything I hold dear.

Well…not everything. Perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

Anyway, Mo was intrigued. So, we did what any good little field biologist would do and we collected the sample. It now sits very patiently in a small glass vase in the kitchen.

Some of us are little more anxious for it to hatch than others:

Jessie came home and said “Ew! Gross!”

“Well, Mo thinks it’s awesome,” I replied.

“Good thing you guys are related!” she said. Yes. It is a good thing.

Andy has this joke he likes to tell Mo. I swear I hear it so often, I’ve probably already written it up in a post.

“You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up, my love,” he says.

“As long as it ends in engineer.”

Well, take that Mr. Engineer. I’ll make a little biologist of her yet!

Bring on your building blocks and carpentry tools! I’ll counter your every move with baby animals, awesome bugs and super cool diseases.

Well, maybe I’ll leave out the diseases part. At least until she’s a little bit older…

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