2 Year Old Mo-isms

Photo Credit: Mom

Mo-bug’s language has just exploded recently. She learns and uses new words every day. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little concerned. She’s never not had language…I mean, she’s always been able to communicate (those darn double negatives). We decided to teach her sign language when she was pretty little, and  in some ways, it may have delayed her spoken language. There are still words she refuses to say and signs instead, thank you for example. And, when I say “refuses” I mean refuses.

“Mo, say ‘thank you'”

Makes the sign.

“Mo. Look at my mouth. Say ‘thhhhaaaaank youuuuuu'”

Makes the sign again.

“Mo. Please, use your words. Say ‘thank you'”.


That’s about how it usually goes when we’re trying to correct the way she says something or teach her a new word and she’s not in the mood….Good times.

I don’t regret for a moment teaching her signs, especially those for “more” and “please” . I’m certain we’ll do the same with Lu. I am sure her ability to express herself, especially in the environment of the high chair, prevented some major melt-downs. However, for some reason, it has made her a little bit hesitant to say words. Especially if she can’t say them exactly right the first time she tries.

Good thing my mom is a pediatric speech language pathologist.

“Don’t worry about it, Caitlin”.

She’s always reassuring me that parents stress too much about whether their kids will talk. They (I) are always comparing their kids to other kids who can recite all the presidents of the United States and carry on a full conversation about the European debt crisis by the time they’re two and a half. Most kids can talk very well by Kindegarten, and if they (Mo) cannot, well, that’s why Mom has a job. 

Pretty much every time she visits, Mo gets free therapy. Sweet! And she always has plenty new words by the time Mom drives away.

Therefore, with the belief that Mo will not always talk this way, I choose to document some of the most adorable stories she “tells” us. In reality, you need to have been there or speak Mo-ese to understand what she’s talking about.  Conveniently, I can translate some super-cute Mo-isms for you, because I am now fluent in one language (English) and proficient in two: Portuguese and Mo-ese. (Mo has some words that she’s made up, that she substitutes for real words. I’ve put the real words in parenthesis for clarity’s sake).

Mo ha (cat) Titty (Jessie) ha (cat) RAWR! Mo’s cat and Aunt Jessie’s cat fight!

Coca (doctor) Mo OW! Mo went to the doctor and got shots and it hurt!

Mo Baby hat gee (green) OW! Mo shared her hat with a one-year-old at the zoo, and then the baby tackle-hugged her and they fell on the green grass and it hurt!

Mo Titty (Jessie) Movie ha (cat). Mo and Aunt Jessie watched cat videos on You Tube.

Baby Daddy Boo! There was a video where a baby scared her Daddy.

Mo Mama wet! Mo and Mama jumped through the sprinkler.

And, yes. Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, Mo calls Jessie “Titty”. Ha! Ha, ha ha ha ha… It makes me laugh every time I think about it. Jessie, however, doesn’t find it quite so amusing. I’m sure Mo will soon be able to actually say “Jessie” and this will be a distant, fond memory. The kind of memory that’s brought up around the table at family functions, “Ha! Remember how Monica used to call Jessie ‘Titty’. Ha ha ha! [insert group laughter and teen-aged Monica blushing, especially if there’s a boyfriend sitting nearby]”.

The official milestone Mo should be reaching as a freshly-minted two year old is two word utterances. Considering she’s already telling stories, I think she’ll be fine. And some day, she won’t even need a translator.

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5 Responses to 2 Year Old Mo-isms

  1. Nik says:

    I don’t think she has to reach for anything. ‘my baby’ and ‘blue numnum’ are totally two words! 🙂

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