And to think I was worried…

I was. Remember?

“Mama, what’s that?”

“It’s the spray bottle I use on the cats when they jump on the table.”


“Yes, there are bird houses on the bottle. You’re right!”

“One, two, free, four. Four birdhouses. Daddy said no for Mo.”

“You’re right. Daddy said Mo can’t use it.”

“Doe,” (That still means ‘yes’.) “Mo too little.”

I smiled as I tucked the hair behind her ear and thought, Oh, but you’re so big.

There are hundreds of other conversations we have every day that better express how far her verbal skills have come. But for some reason, that simple exchange at the breakfast table made it clear to me: we’re in the clear.

She has a growing vocabulary, can tell you her feelings (this morning, as she remembered falling down a couple days ago, “Mo is a little bit sad”), can count, say her ABCs and sings Twinkle Twinkle (video to come).

It is a joy to watch her grow.

Somehow, every day, Mo is both “too Little” and “so Big”.

Dr. Mo(Photo Credit: My Mom – Awesome doctor kit credit: Uncle Tim)


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