Two Month Two’s Day

Just a quick post with the stats from Lu’s 2 month well-child check yesterday:

Height: 2′ 0.25″ (99.8%)

Weight: 14 lbs 6 oz (95.2%)

Head circumference: 16.3″ (100%)

Dear Lucy-Lu,

Congratulations! You win for biggest head! You’re going to need that space for all your awesome brains.

You sincerely coo and gurgle and smile. You do not fall asleep while nursing. You already prefer to be rocked to sleep. And boy do you sleep. We’re talking 8 hrs a night, (insert jealous looks from other moms). Here’s the thing. You sleep so well you are getting a little flat spot on the back of your head. The doc says not to worry about it, but we may start some creative baby-propping tonight…

When you’re loving us, you love with your whole body. Your eyebrows raise, eyes crinkle, mouth opens wide, hands reach and toes clench. You wiggle and squirm and can’t get enough of your Daddy. 

You also have the quickest temper I’ve ever seen. Life can go from fantastic to tragic in an instant. When you choke while eating, you’ll flex every muscle in your body and yell till your face turns purple (honestly, I would too)… Don’t worry, you always start breathing again. 

You are getting seriously chunky, and I love all the rolls on your legs and arms. Don’t worry, I was chunky monkey too. I didn’t stay that way. Your skin is still super soft and your hair is starting to grow out blonde. Your hair is super curly when it’s wet, and I bet it will go curly again when you hit puberty.

Some day soonish, you’ll read all this and be super embarrassed. Then you’ll get older, have kids, and re-read all these baby posts. That’s when you’ll love these words. Because you’ll want to know what you were like as a baby. You’ll search that itty-bitty face for any bits of you expressing themselves in that Little One. 

Good thing I’m writing all this down, now. Cause twenty some years from now, when that day comes, and you frantically call me asking, “Did I do ______ when I was only 9 weeks old?!!” I’ll have survived 20 more years of sleep deprivation, only God knows how many more pregnancies, maybe another degree or two…and I’m going not going to remember a thing…

“Go read TOTE” will probably be something you hear quite frequently.

Love you, Lu-lu,


PS The pictures were taken with my phone (which is not from temple Apple), thus the poor quality.

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