Two Month Well Check aka Giant Baby

2 month-2Well, the stats are in.

And it’s official.

2 month-4Andy and I make giant babies:

Height- 2′ 0.5″ (96%)
Weight- 15 lbs 10 oz (97%)
Head Circ- 16.5″ (99%)

Dom is certainly giving Lu a run for her money. It’s fun to look back and compare a little. While Dom is heavier, I’m pretty sure Lu wins for biggest head. Always. Mentally, I feel better now than I did then, but apparently I was already cloth diapering Lulu by 8 weeks. Sorry Dom. Apparently I care a little less about the environment now than 2 years ago

Not exactly sure how or why our children are so big…. I’m mostly just happy that our kiddos are healthy.

2 month-3And that Dom is sleeping through the night. As in goes to sleep at 10pm (after napping from 7-9ish) and wakes up at 6 AM (maybe one wake up at 4 AM, maybe).

*dodges all the daggers shot from jealous Mama eyes

I know, I know. I am ridiculously grateful. And I am banking every minute of sleep, because, like all things having to do with a Baby, this is a phase.

But it’s a phase I’m sure thankful for.

Dear Baby Boy,

I still call you that. Or Little Man, Little Dude, Dom, Dom-Dom, Dominic, Baby Brother, Baby Dom. So many names apart from your given one, and every single one filled with love. You’ve nestled right into our family, into our hearts, filling that space we started preparing for you almost a year ago.

You’re relaxed and calm most of the time. Absorbing everything around you. And by everything, I mean the cacophony. Having two older sisters means a lot of screaming. But it also means laughing and running and giggling and so much love. The girls never stop kissing your head, stroking your arm. I generally have to tell them “Back away, that’s too much love.” 

Some day you’ll be able to tell them yourself, and I’m sure there will be times that a sister-kiss is the last thing you want. But I really hope that eventually you will treasure that affection. Seek it out, even. Because they are beautiful souls, who want the very best for you. 

I also love to pepper you with kisses. And I’ve already heard from other Moms that that, too, fades with time. But I will try to raise you with the knowledge that I love you more than I can explain, and in a different way than anyone else. Perhaps, though,  the bond I have with you is something you can only fully understand if you’re blessed with kiddos of your own…

Because I certainly didn’t understand until now. Well, until Mo was born, and again with Lu. It’s the same with you. You aren’t just my child. You’re a little piece of my heart, walking around in the world. I can actually feel a hollow in my chest when I look at you. I’m sure there’s an explanation (constriction of chest muscles, swelling of something or the other), but I still feel it. It’s like a space with a string attached, pulling me towards you…

Closer, and closer, till my pepper-kisses are gently placed all over your face. Then that hollow fills and swells. That’s what parental love feels like. It’s a filling and stretching of a hollow place inside, making it bigger and capable of filling up with so much more. Thank goodness, because you’re only going to get bigger.

And I imagine as you get older other things will fill and stretch that space… Seeing you walk and play with your sisters. Holding your hand. Seeing you at a concert or school play. Watching you graduate or dancing at your wedding. Hugging you after you’ve been away…

I’ve already started to experience some of those moments with your sisters, but I can’t wait to feel them in different ways with you, my son. 

Love you, my giant little man,


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1 Response to Two Month Well Check aka Giant Baby

  1. Shekina says:

    He’s so beautiful! I really enjoy reading your sometimes humorous and always loving accounts of time spent with your kiddos. You’re such a great mommy!

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