Dominic’s Baptism Day!

Dom Baptism-17Welcome to the Church, Dominic Robert! Dom Baptism-3 Dom Baptism-4 Dom Baptism-11Dom Baptism-6 Dom Baptism-7 Dom Baptism-8

Thank you to all our wonderful family and friends who were able to join us. Andy and I are so blessed to have such an amazing community to help us raise our babies in the Faith.Dom Baptism-9 Dom Baptism-13 Dom Baptism-12

Thank you to St. Joe’s for giving us special permission to baptize Dom on a Saturday!Dom Baptism Dom Baptism-2
And thank you Deacon Curtis for traveling to Vancouver to perform the baptism. I’m so looking forward to your ordination at the end of the month! The girls still talk about the priest on the motorcycle…Dom Baptism-10The party afterwards was filled with Love and Joy and so many babies! Just beautiful.Dom Baptism-16

And if you need a cake made in the Vancouver area, I will gladly give you Kayla’s contact info. Isn’t this just gorgeous? Dom Baptism-14 Dom Baptism-15


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