The Bug Days of Summer

Beetle in the house? Fascinating.Bugs-14 Bugs-17 Bugs-16 Bugs-15

Releasing lady bugs at twilight? Magical.Bugs-11 Bugs-12Bugs-13 Bugs-10 Bugs-6 Bugs-9 Bugs-7 Bugs-8

An egg sac of praying mantises unknowingly hatching in the kitchen? Freaky as heck!Bugs-5 Bugs Bugs-3 Bugs-2 Bugs-4

Remember, I seriously have nightmares about this sort of thing. We thought there were at least a couple more weeks before hatch-date. Thank goodness Nikki saw that the swarming mass had emerged. Before they started eating each other. Or even worse, escaped and crawled in my bed…Ok, stopping that imagination train before it goes too far.

Knowing these girls, I’m sure we’ll have plenty more bug pictures to come! They’re one of our favorite parts of summer. Bugs-18

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