Charlie’s Return

Some of you may remember my praying mantis quasi-nightmare: a full nest of praying mantises hatching, unnoticed, in the middle of my kitchen. They were quickly ushered outside, and a couple of them were named.

Like Charlie,

Bugs-5Who could forget Charlie?

charlie-7Well, he may very well have grown up and come back, searching for Corey to rekindle their friendship.

charlie-2What he found was two very curious girls. charlie-3 charlie charlie-5

And one cat, desiring to eat him.charlie-6

The bug days of summer are dwindling. Today, in fact, is the last sunny day in the extended forecast. Nothing but grey and rain for the next…


Ok, a bit of an exaggeration. But definitely for a little while.

Guess I better get outside.

charlie-4Charlie’s waiting.

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