A Day in the Life…

“Mama. Open. Please,” Lulu.
“Just a second, Love. I’ll be right there, ” Me, running off to do a million other things.
Yeah, right. She’s never going to help me open this game. I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands…now if I only had a knife… -Luluday

(It’s pretend, don’t worry).

“Mama, when I have long beautiful hair like Rapunzel, can I have a castle?” -Mo.
“I don’t think so… Where would you buy a castle?”- Me
“Um, the princess store! …Oh no, but my eyes are not brown! Maybe I can get some dye. Maybe there is special brown dye that I can put in my eyes. And then I will have brown eyes like Rapunzel!”- Mo

Jess got Mo some Wonder Woman comics for her birthday. I like nothing better than to see this:day-6day-2 day-3

Dominic is 3 months old today! I’m celebrating by changing out his drawers to 9 month clothes…day-4

It’s a smart, beautiful, giant life ’round here. One day at a time.day-5

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