Welcome Elise!

Just when our world needed a little ray of sunshine, God sent her:I am overjoyed to introduce to you our God-daughter:

Elisabeth Margaret Thomas

7 lbs. 8oz. 19.5 inches

Born September 19

I seriously did not know I could love someone else’s baby as much as I love her, and I haven’t even met her yet. There’s a very real, physical feeling of joy in my heart when I look at her pictures (and ask Andy, I haven’t stopped looking at them since Wednesday)!

Congratulations Diana and Michael. You have brought a beautiful little soul into this world. God is truly good.

Welcome Elise! You are already so loved. You have amazing parents who will raise you to be a caring, strong, bilingual (how cool is that!?) faith-filled woman. I’m afraid we won’t be much help with the speaking German part, but, as God-parents, we will do our best to help raise you in our beautiful Faith.

We can’t wait to meet you and love you even more!

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