Bedtime Roundup

This is our preferred method for calming Mo down right before bedtime….

Or not.

Hopefully you could hear the music (it’s pretty soft), and thanks for ignoring my finger on the left side of the video. Silly iPhone. I don’t think I’ll ever figure you out.

She ran in circles for at least 15 minutes. Then she had us run in circles with her for another 10…

I am no longer worried about a lack of exercise during the rainy months.

Jessie, you went to the Pendleton Roundup this past weekend… Did you learn anything from the cowboys? Do you think you could wrangle our daughter?

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1 Response to Bedtime Roundup

  1. Jessie says:

    Use a lasso, wrestle her to the ground, and then tie a rope around her legs in record time. The key is to then get up, back up and see if she stays down. At least, that’s what cowboys do to cows…

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