Ok Mo. You wanna hold Lu? Let’s go get the boppy. And the camera!

Don’t worry Lu. She’s a good big sister. Don’t look so worried!

See, she’s so excited! She just loves you so much! K. Touch noses.

No, Mo. Touch your nose to her nose.

Good job! So cute. Don’t worry Lu, Mo doesn’t bite!

Aw, kisses? Even cuter!

Good job Mo. Now smile for the camera!… You cheeseball.

One more Mo-ism.

Andy: Hey Mo, we’re going to Costco.
Mo: Yay! Costco! (With arms raised)
Andy: Hey Cait, what do we need?
Cait: Hmmm, I think…
Mo: Cookies! Yay! (With raised arms again)
Andy: Really Mo? Anything else?
Mo: Hmmm (while stroking non-existent goatee on chin). Pizza! Yay! Pizza! (Yep, arms raised again).

It’s hard to say no when she’s so gosh-darn cute. Guess we’d better go get cookies and pizza…


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3 Responses to Cute-time

  1. Jessie says:

    This made me smile!

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