4 Month Stats

Luci-Lu is four months old! Oh my goodness.

She has just blossomed into the most giggly, beautiful baby girl.

A far cry from the “Angry One” we were surviving in the first several weeks!

She took her immunizations like a champ, and had a snugly-sad couple of hours yesterday. But this morning she’s all smiles again. Big smiles. Because she’s a Big Baby. Check it out:

Height: 2′ 2″ (95%)
Weight: 16lbs 15oz (90%)
Head Circ: 17.5″ (100%)


You are ridiculously cute right now. Everyone comments on your big, beautiful blue eyes and your wide open-mouth smile. You are currently stretching any 6-month clothes to the limit, and are much more comfortable in 9-12 month.

You spend a lot of time on the play mat and are fascinated by the plastic rings that hang there. The kitten loves to sleep right next to you. When in the bouncy chair, you eagerly watch your sister run from place to place, and demand eye contact while we’re eating around the table.

You coo, gurgle, giggle and smile, smile, smile.

You’re sleeping fine. A couple naps a day, a couple wake-ups at night. Revisit the cuteness listed above. That makes any number of wake-ups ultimately ok.

You should see Daddy melt when you smile at him. We love you more and more. Every. Single. Day.


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