A Couple Mo-ments

Rainy day

Me (as she shuts the office door in my face): “Hey!”

Mo (from the other side): “No hay Mommy. Hay for neigh-neighs!”

Crazy Hair!

Mo is currently semi-striking her nap. I am not ready for a no-nap day, and really, neither is she. So, I put her down for her nap at normal time, 1PM. She then talks, sings, laughs and plays on her own for an hour to an hour and a half before actually falling asleep. I often have the monitor on, just to listen to her chatting. Yesterday she was counting to herself and added a little flair:

“One, two, three. Ah, ah, ah. One, two, three. Many! Ah, ah, ah.”

If you read that in a Transylvanian accent, you may recognize a certain Count von Count who stars in a little puppet show we watch a lot ’round here.

Say cheese Mommy!Mommy’s picture-taking ways may be rubbing off a bit…

“Say cheese Mommy!”


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2 Responses to A Couple Mo-ments

  1. Frances Hohman says:

    Hi Caitlin and all, what a “Beauty” Mo is! and such a sweet little girl, also very fashionable.Thank you for sending us the latest pictures of the girls. Lulu is so sweet, and her bright eyes just sparkle. She is a Beauty too.We love getting the pictures. Matthews’ baptism was so nice. Mostly family. Clarices’ childhood friend from Las Vegas was the Godmother. Joe best friend was the Godfather.Clarice had a lovely luncheon at their house after the Baptism. It was lots of fun just being together. It was very special with Julie and Bob being there too. Lots of Love and Kisses to all you guys, Gm. Frances and Gp. Bob

    Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 05:23:06 +0000 To: franceshohman@hotmail.com

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