Aw, Shucks

DSC_6066The messages, love and support I’ve received since writing this post about Baby Blues has been astounding. I swear you guys, friends and family, you’re the reason I’m better.

I’m also sorry. Sorry I didn’t tell people sooner. Didn’t seek out your help instead of quietly absorbing it. Next time we have a baby, hold me accountable to accepting your help and love, OK?

Here’s some photos of our cutie-patooties. That should make everything better, right?

The first two are taken with my not-so-smart-phone, so please forgive the quality:

photo (1)Double mirrors? Mind BLOWN!

photo“Look Mama! I just like Rapunzel!” Side note- I can french braid her hair!

And Lu REALLY loves food!



Happy Weekend everyone!



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2 Responses to Aw, Shucks

  1. Jessie says:

    Holy cow but your daughters are cute!

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