Brain? Hello? Are You There?

So, what am I doing in Fresno?

That’s a good question.

Currently I’m furiously studying for a midterm.

Midterm? asks my Brain. As in a test? A real test?

I know, I know. It’s been a while, Brain. Like 7 years. But don’t worry. I think you’re working well enough to take a test….


I’ve been sweeping the cobwebs off my neurons, desperately hoping that neural tissue somehow has muscle memory. Come on Brain. We used to do this all time. You know, think hard. Memorize stuff. Regurgitate necessary factoids.

I’m in the middle of studying to be a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner. A very long title to say, I’m taking an amazing class to get certified to teach a fantastic method of natural family planning (more on the actual method later). It’s a 13 month accreditation program involving this 8 day super-intense class (we’re talking 9-5 class, every single day), 6 months of supervised internship, another 6 day super-intense class,  site visit from our instructor and (finally) a final exam. Whew!

It helps that this retreat center is settled in the peaceful, close-to-nature CA mountains outside of Fresno. (I saw a bobcat while hiking this morning!) And we get three solid, warm meals a day. I talking french toast for breakfast, tacos for lunch, orange chicken with rice for supper, and all the cookies I can eat. Any time of day. Pregnant woman’s dream come true!

I told the cook I was sure to go home fat and happy. She smiled and said, “Well then. My job is done!”

Pretty much I’m spoiled.

I do miss my girls. Something fierce (Andy too, of course!). I’m in tears at least once a day (usually when I chat with them). But I know they’re in fantastic hands: those of Andy and our amazing church community. There are several awesome women every day this week who are taking turns watching Mo and Lu. Not to mention those who are dropping meals off to Andy, helping him at church, and checking in on him.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you.

I’m making great friends. Studying reproductive organs like crazy, and learning a ridiculous amount of amazing, empowering information.

But please, do pray for me tomorrow.

It’s been a while since I took a midterm.

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