Home Sweet Home. Almost…

And…it’s over.

I’m on my way home, taking a minute to appreciate the slow airport wifi after more than a week of dial-up-esque connections at the retreat center.

IMG_7679After 10 long days of learning, many late nights studying, a midterm and final (which I passed woohoo!) I am officially a Creighton Model Fertility Care Intern. I can practice the art of monitoring women’s health through Creighton Model charting in a very profound way.

I’m feeling both excited and nervous. There are presentations to memorize, forms to fill out, paperwork to familiarize myself with. And somehow, I know it’s going to be awesome.

IMG_7748I’ve been so protected and loved and nurtured in this environment. Mass every day. Three hearty meals a day. Prayers before tests, before meals, before everything… This Holy ground exudes peace and calm. I’m about to re-enter the real world and I’ve got to be ready.

IMG_7749Ready to be different and counter cultural. To be an advocate for the way God made every female body. But mostly, to be compassionate. To love each client. To meet each couple where they’re at. To persevere. And to pray. Lots and lots of prayer.

I bonded in a profound and sacred way with the other five students in the class, and I go forth, ready to be “a little bit rebel” knowing that their prayers and love go with me.

(Sorry about the phone photos…I’ll take better pictures next time. Promise.)

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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home. Almost…

  1. Mary says:

    Go girl! I’m so inspired by your decision to go out and do this–to take your passions for science and your faith, then fuse them to perfectly–and use them for the benefit of others! Major applause. And lots of love to your beautiful family.

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