They Change So Quickly

DSC_4244That’s what everyone says, right?

Remember this moment, because they grow up so fast.

I have a habit of rolling my eyes. Sure sure. I know. They’re growing. How come everyone can see it but me? Day to day, both the girls seem pretty much the same.

DSC_4161See, I’m too close. All those changes that seem monumental to friends and family are incremental to me. Glacial even (will teething EVER END?!).

And then I left for 10 days, and the girls did really and truly change while I was gone. What?!

It’s still shock-y to me. I’ve been back for a couple days, and the girls are still telling me new stories or showing me new skills.

Let me elaborate:

photo (2)Mo can suddenly draw a body in its entirety. All the pieces of the face are there: ears, eyes, mouth, arms, legs…I don’t even have to interpret the pictures. They’re straight up people!

DSC_4197She’s extrapolated and now draws families of rocks (sorry, “stones” she says) and trees and anything else.

DSC_4180Lu changed the most, hands down. Physically, she even got a new tooth! How is that possible? (Well, with a lot of night-time crying, tylenol and soothing on Andy’s part. Thanks my Love!)

Suddenly, when she holds my finger to walk, she’s leading me places, instead of using it as a support. That’s a direct change of intention.

She also says “Yes” and “No” with the proper shake or nod firmly attached.

Now, maybe all those things seem simple. And they are. But they’re also substantial. Each and every milestone is of worth to me. I’m not sure I would have seen them had I not left.

While I appreciate the new perspective, I certainly do not plan to make leaving for extended periods of time a regular occurrence. Considering teething never, ever ends, I’m pretty sure Andy would like it if I could be home every once in a while.

I’ll leave you with this fantastic video of Lu’s new dance skills. Andy uploaded it while I was gone, and it made all my classmates cry with laughter. She’s just that good (and we were also that sleep deprived).

(photo credit to Andy and his amazing family who came to help out!)

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2 Responses to They Change So Quickly

  1. Jessie says:

    She’s got moves! And her laugh could melt the coldest heart. As could Mo’s singing.

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