Let’s Get Crafty: Thanksgiving Edition

Get CraftyAdmittedly, I am not a crafty Mom. And, while I am thankful that there are many creative people in the world (like Mo’s teacher), I am ok being a mediocre crafter.

But every once in a while, I run across a pinterested idea that is too cute to pass up. So, Mo and I give it a try.

Voila, our droopy, messy turkey cookies.

Get Crafty-4Crafting with toddlers is a fine balancing act between giggles and frustration (let alone how the kid feels!)

I had grand plans for Mo and I to work as an efficient assembly line. Popping those turkeys out by the half dozen, just in time to awe the whole family for Thanksgiving.

Around the fourth or fifth time I had to tell her to stop licking the oreos (frosting, M&Ms, plates, fingers…ALL THE THINGS), I decided on a different plan of action. See, I’m a quick learner (Ha!).

Get Crafty-2So, we worked patiently on two cookies. One for her, and one for me. We spent time counting out each piece. Discussing where each should go. Debating which was yummier, M&Ms or frosting (both, of course!).

Get Crafty-3Once she was done with her turkey, she ate him. Of course.

At some point, as I started to mass produce the little guys on my own, and Mo was tripping on sugar, I asked her, “Mo, would you like to keep helping me or get down?”

Get Crafty-6“Hmmm…Get down please. But may I please have another M&M first?”

“Yes, my Love. Here you go.”

And there were no tears, for either of us!

Get Crafty-5No tears! That’s my definition of mediocre crafty success.

Get Crafty-8In other news around Casa Elder, Lu has figured out how to catapult food. Quite literally loading up one end of her spoon with a bean or five and using that extra leverage to get surprisingly good distance as she flings them across the room.

Mommy is not amused.

Or, more accurately, Mommy is desperately trying not to laugh while telling Lulu that she is not amused…Get Crafty-7She usually finds the beans later and eats them off the floor.


What can I say? I’m a mediocre cleaner-Mom too.

One last Mo-ism (a little context: ice tea is in Andy’s blood. With the amount he drinks, it could quite possibly make up a great percentage of his blood volume. He drinks it ALL THE TIME and really, truly enjoys it).

After Andy got home the day our car was stolen, he was pretty tired. It had honestly been a bad day.

He opened the fridge door, and then slowly closed it, leaning his head against its cool, chrome surface.

“Daddy? Why are you sad?” asked Mo.

“We don’t even have any ice tea, ” he replied, rather pathetically.

“It’s ok Daddy! Don’t be sad!” Mo said, leaping from her chair and running to the fridge, “We have beer!”

She pulled the heavy door open and excitedly pointed towards the wine bottles inside.

And, as Andy bent down to scoop Mo up into a tight hug, it might have been the first time he smiled for real that day…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Next on the list: Advent preparations! Have any good traditions to share?

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3 Responses to Let’s Get Crafty: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. juliecrombe says:

    Cute little project!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

  2. Jessie says:

    Oh gosh, I laughed out loud about the beer.

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