Let’s Get Crafty: Christmas Edition

Gingerhouse-5I try to get through Michael’s as quickly as possible. There are too many shiny things that cause hours of distraction, and that’s when I shop alone.

When the kiddos are with me, I’m tempted to throw whatever little thing into the teeny-tiny cart that will keep them distracted. This is usually with the intention of casually handing it to the cashier, “Oh, I changed my mind.”

This time round it was a gingerbread house, and there ain’t no way I was going to pry that from Mo’s grasp to give it back.

In reality, it was a great purchase because we have a visitor right now who’s never made a gingerbread house before.

My host sister from Brazil, Ana Clara, is visiting on her Christmas break from studying at Illinois State University!

GingerhouseShe’s fitting right in.Gingerhouse-4 Gingerhouse-2 Gingerhouse-3

So, I asked Mo which of the pictures she wanted her house to look most like, and she said the one on the right:Gingerhouse-7

Gingerhouse-8Nailed it!

(No extra charge for sarcasm here, people!)

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a mediocre crafty-mom at best. So, you know what? The crooked walls and dripping icing and licked candy doesn’t bother me one bit. Gingerhouse-10 Gingerhouse-6 Gingerhouse-9

Because we got a lot of smiles.

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5 Responses to Let’s Get Crafty: Christmas Edition

  1. What a dream-like project! Lovely little house!

  2. Ana Clara says:

    Yeaaaaaah, we had so much fun 😀

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